[ccache] Re: [REGRESSION] Recent change to kernel spikes out ccache/distcc

Theodore Tso tytso at mit.edu
Sun Jan 11 22:51:38 GMT 2009

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 04:48:37PM -0500, Kyle McMartin wrote:
> with a distro kernel config (ie: Fedora's[1]) still results in
> 1.8GB of modules (willy checked that it wasn't a Fedora toolchain
> bug by reproducing on a Debian system.)

P.S.  I have a hacked make-kpkg which installs the modules via:

      make INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1  modules_install

Unfortunately, I'm not using kbuild's make install builddeb since it
doesn't create the headers and debuginfo files; and the debian's
official kernel building scripts (make-kpkg has been deprecated)
doesn't correctly deal with creating debuginfo files, either. 

In any case, its make INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 which is getting busted by
the two commits, and which also spike out ccache and distcc.

    		     	   	      	  - Ted

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