[ccache] cachecc1

Simon Braunschmidt sbraunschmidt.linuxlists at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 8 13:09:11 GMT 2008


is cachecc1 still supported or used?

Last version is 0.3 from 2004.

I used it for a while but now i tracked down a bug in the linux kernel
build system for arm architecture to the usage of cachecc1. The bug
was actually the resuse of binary data that did in fact change, but
the assembler call for cachecc1 read it from cache.

I can provide a detailed description of the steps to reproduce the
bug, or compare:
(piggy.o gets wrongly compiled with data from cache)

It seems that the cachecc1 project is effectively dead so I really
recommend to make this clear on the link to it from ccache homepage.

Best Regards
Simon Braunschmidt

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