[ccache] 2 new patches: fix gcc -MD; optionally ignore compiler mod time

Andrea Bittau a.bittau at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jun 21 21:40:05 GMT 2007

I've got a set of ccache patches here:

* ccache-2.4-md.patch
  Fix dependencies.  The -MD and -MDD options automatically determine
  where the dependency file should land and what the target should look
  like based on the -o option.  However, ccache drops -o and things mess
  up.  The original patch was posted by Kaz Kylheku but I reworked it to
  make it work properly.  Here is his post:

* ccache-2.4-nomtime.patch 
  Ignore compiler modification time, but still check its size.  This is
  useful if you are using a compiler [e.g. distcc] kept in CVS.  If you
  do a checkout, the compiler mod time will be different, even though
  the same compiler is being used.  Use the CCACHE_NOMTIME option.

* ccache-2.4-relative.patch
  See my previous post:

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