[ccache] Close to 1 million physicians in the US arranged by specialty

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Below you will find all the databases we currently have:

The Complete American Physician Directory - over 780K records

This top notch directory is for the true marketing
professional. Featuring fields such as Medical School
Attended, Location of Residency Training, Phone, Fax,
Email, Website, Primary Specialty, Secondary Specialty,
Graduation Year and many more. There is data here
to suit virtually any campaign. The best part is that
all the information is in popular Excel format and is
fully sortable and exportable.
Regular Price - $499  ** PRICE UNTIL MARCH 10 =3D $300 **

Email Directory of American Physicians - more than 17k records

This one is ideal for email marketing campaigns. No need
to make any phone calls or send any snail mail. You will
save thousands on postage alone. This directory comes 
complete with Full Name, Email Address, Postal Address
and ofcourse Specialty. Start making new connections
in the medical field immediately.

Regular Price - $299  ** PRICE UNTIL MARCH 10 =3D $200 **

The American Hospital / Administrator Directory
more than 7k hospitals / 23K admins

If you need to reach the decision makers in hospitals in
the US then this is the tool you can't be without.
This directory has full contact info on Medical Directors, 
CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, Senior Admins and more. Also, there
is a comprehensive listing of hospitals with information
such as total beds, government, private, teaching etc..

Regular Price - $399  ** PRICE UNTIL MARCH 10 =3D $249 **

FAX Directory of American Physicians - over 200k listings

And you thought nobody uses fax anymore. We have 202,466
doctor's offices with fax numbers on file. Ofcourse they 
are sortable by specialty and address so you don't need
to pay to send faxes to offices outside your target.
Expensive to send faxes you say? These days you can send
faxes as low as 4 cents each and most faxing services are 
automated and are as easy to use as email. 

Regular Price - $299  ** PRICE UNTIL MARCH 10 =3D $149 **

Nursing Homes in the United States - over 14k homes on file

Believe it or not you can actually sell your products/services
to nursing homes. They may be on a tight budget but they
still have needs to fulfill. This directory is also
richly endowed with more than 40k Nursing Directors,
Senior Admins and CFO's. 

Regular Price - $249  ** PRICE UNTIL MARCH 10 =3D $100 **


Until March 10  I can give you all 5 databases above for just $599

Let me know if you need any more info or would like to order. You can
contact me by email: datamed2007 at hotmail.com    or by phone: 206-600-5313

NOTE: For faster service, please respond via email. 

Should you be in a position where you do not wish to be sent any additiona=
correspondence from us please send an email with cancel in the subject lin=

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