[ccache] the good web of Vietnamese : www.thuonghieuviet.com

Dream mail internet at vethan.com.vn
Fri Aug 25 05:14:23 GMT 2006


In order to establish a specific E-commerce website of Vietnamese, the enterprises have already had the website and considered this was
a extra-web for extending more distributed channel of product & supporting the small enterprises to
establish a free-website following the path


Connection in connection, you will create a series of global commerce.


This is a e-commerce website of high-quality electronic products of Vietnamese, please fill out and send us, we will connect to and answer
by email for you, all for free in 20 years.

-	Your login name:
-	Company name:
-	Your business (or the owner)::
-	Address:
-	Phone number:
-	Fax number:
-	Contact:
-	Your web:
-	Email:
Please send us a logo with size <50kB.(100 X100 pixel )
For your benefit, for the development of globalizing commerce. We wish you would be interested in this mail.

*** please contact  us : hoahongtrang_moden2005 at yahoo.com

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