[ccache] automated response

webmaster webmaster at cc-art.com
Sat Aug 12 08:11:32 GMT 2006

[this is an automatic response]


Sorry! your mail was not delivered... 

The webmaster<at>cc-art.com mail box is closed due to spammers abusing

* IF you received spam apparently from webmaster<at>cc-art.com, please note we did not send it. Unfortunately this address has been hijacked.  More details and guidance here:

* IF you are a real person and want to communicate sensibly with the webmaster of cc-art.com, please email web<at>cc-art.com (of course replacing <at> with the symbol). 

* IF you sent spam to this address, please go away.

Apologies to our genuine correspondents for the inconvenience, but honestly I get so much rubbish, filth and viruses sent to the old address, it is difficult to find the real mail.


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