[ccache] Getting Error With SUN Work Shop Pro 6.2 C++ Compiler

Naqib Khan naqibn at nortel.com
Thu Jul 13 22:34:24 GMT 2006


I'm using the SUN Work Shop Pro 6.2 C++ compiler
(../SUNWspro/SUNWspro6.2/bin/CC) with ccache & getting the following

	CC: Invalid input file name
/home/bsm/.ccache/bsmcibasev.tmp.zrchs102.27831.ii, no output generated
for this file.

Also, my ccache STATs are:
	cache directory                     /home/bsm/.ccache
	cache hit                               0
	cache miss                           0
	called for link                         4
	ccache internal error             78
	files in cache                         0
	cache size                             0 Kbytes
	max cache size                     976.6 Mbytes

Interestingly enough, the object files do get created, but only in the
original location where they normally would had ccache not being used -
this is something I had not expected.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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