[ccache] New ccache User - Got Some Questions

Naqib Khan naqibn at nortel.com
Mon Jul 10 16:55:39 GMT 2006


I'm new to ccache - it does appear to be an extremely useful tool for
compiling software.  I have read through all the archives, but don't
seem to specifically find the answers I'm looking for - here they are:

1) Does ccache only work with gcc... or can I also use it with any
arbitrary compiler?  If not, which other compilers does it specifically
support?  (Note:  I did see a similar question in the archives, but that
was about 2 years ago).

2) ccache usage - the documentation / information on the web indicates
that ccache is best suited for:  C/C++ compiles; "clean" builds.  My
question is are those the type of builds I should be targeting (i.e.
C/C++ compiles; "clean" builds)?  It would appear that ccache should be
able to speed up compiles in general regardless, due to it's
sophistication (i.e. hashing versus plain old timestamp checking).

3) In-house we also use clearmake (DOs & wink-ins) - does anybody have
experience with incorporating ccache in this type of environment?
3a) I assume since ccache creates it's own object files, that ccache
would essentially _replace_ clearmake, correct?
3b) Just checking here (just in case) - before I get started on this
journey :)  - has anyone successfully used ccache with clearmake?

Of course, any other general information regarding ccache would be
appreciated - for example, like it's usefulness, tips & tricks, advice
for first time users, etc.

Thank you in advance for any help / feedback.


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