[ccache] trouble with icc

Robert Anderson rwa000 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 20:21:50 GMT 2006

I am trying to use ccache with icc and it is failing the test that the
output of the compiler should be the same when run through ccache as when
run using the native compiler.  I have been googling this issue extensively
and am still not quite sure what the problem is.

When run through ccache, my compiles get tons of warnings, for example:

/usr/include/stdlib.h(146): warning #1292: attribute "__nonnull__" ignored
       throw () __attribute__ ((__pure__)) __attribute__ ((__nonnull__


/usr/include/c++/3.4.4/iostream(42): warning #161: unrecognized #pragma
  #pragma GCC system_header

I'm guessing that somewhere in here is confusion about whether these files
are C or C++ source files.  We are using the .c extension, but compiling as
C++ using the -Kc++ flag to icc.  I tried modifying the extension map in
ccache.c to associate "ii" with "c" like the other C++ extensions, but this
did not fix anything.  I also thought I read that .ii is not recognized by
icc as C++ code, so that extra flags were needed somewhere, but it wasn't
clear if that was currently possible or a planned todo item.

Can anyone help out here?  I am working in an absolutely huge software
project and ccache would be a boon if I could just make it work with icc.


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