[ccache] Small patch to make test.sh run under CYGWIN

Niklaus Giger niklaus.giger at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 13 16:03:19 GMT 2006


Depending on a specific CYGWIN configuration, logical
links are not supported, as there is no corresponding
implementation in the Windows world.

The following small path makes test.sh ignore a failure.
Now a call to test.sh gives me the following result:
$CC=/cygdrive/c/Programme/MinGW/4.2.0/bin/gcc.exe ./test.sh
starting testsuite base
ln: creating symbolic link `/cygdrive/c/Programme/MinGW/4.2.0/bin/gcc.exe'
to `../ccache': File exists
ln -s ../ccache /cygdrive/c/Programme/MinGW/4.2.0/bin/gcc.exe failed
Skipping link test
starting testsuite hardlink
starting testsuite cpp2
starting testsuite nlevels4
starting testsuite nlevels1
test done - OK

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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--- test.sh	2006-01-13 16:47:00.000000000 +0100
+++ /cygdrive/c/downloads/ccache-2.4/test.sh	2004-09-13 13:38:30.000000000 +0200
@@ -260,14 +260,10 @@
-testsuite="link "
-if ln -s ../ccache $COMPILER; then
- basetests
- echo ln -s ../ccache $COMPILER failed
- echo Skipping link test
+ln -s ../ccache $COMPILER

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