[ccache] Re: Using WindRiver Diab C++ v5.0 compiler with ccache

Florian Boelstler euphoria at arcor.de
Mon Oct 10 08:12:16 GMT 2005


thanks for your reply.

Martin Pool wrote:
> The next step would be to work out with what parameters it is invoking
> the preprocessor (maybe it's in the log?) and see if that works
> properly when run in isolation.

The problem was that ccache cannot handle dplus's option "-@", which 
allows reading flags from a file.
I changed the makefile in that the flags input file is expanded in the 
makefile already, before "ccache dplus ... " is called.

After that I've seen "internal ccache errors" in statistics output.
As a workaround I defined "CCACHE_CPP2" for now, which fixes those errors.

It seems that there is a problem using network mapped drives, cygwin and 
ccache. When ccache is run on a local drive with exactly the same 
makefile "CCACHE_CPP2" is not required.

However I do not get any speedup on cache hits. Probably it is related 
to our poor network connection.

Thanks again,


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