[ccache] Re: About error: "failed to rename tmp files - No such file or directory"

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon Jun 20 01:49:50 GMT 2005

On 17 Jun 2005, "William D.Tanksley, Jr" <wtanksleyjr at gmail.com> wrote:
> William Tanksley Jr <wtanksleyjr <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > Saket Bagade <sbagade <at> nulinkinc.com> writes:
> > > If I have a file with extension .c then it seems to be cached after
> > > compiling but if it has a .cc extension, I get the following message in
> > > the ${CCACHE_LOGFILE}:
> > > failed to rename tmp files - No such file or directory
> > I'm having the same problem, only with .cxx files. What's going on?
> I worked it out. The solution is to set the CCACHE_CPP2 environment variable --
> the CC compiler doesn't understand the .ii file extension that ccache uses.
> This took a LONG time to work out because the cc_log message in question is so
> terse, and the only other diagnostic output is extremely well hidden.
> It seems to me to be sensible that if the compiler outputs an error message and
> doesn't create the desired file, the error message should probably be output to
> stderr, and probably also logged (if logging is enabled), and the same error
> code should be returned.
> It does NOT make sense to me to simply continue as though nothing were wrong.
> To diagnose this, I appended to the line in 'ccache.c':
>   cc_log("failed to rename tmp files - %s\n", strerror(errno));
> the additional line:
>   cc_log("files: %s %s %s %s\n",
>       path_stderr, hashname, tmp_stderr, tmp_hashname);
> I then did an ls on all four files, which revealed that only one of them
> actually existed (stderr). Looking into it revealed the compiler error, after
> which CCACHE_CPP2 became obvious as a fix.
> This section of the code could probably stand to be improved in terms of error
> reporting. Ideally, the semantics of the compiler running should be improved to
> detect failures better -- as I mentioned, it's not optimal to make a total
> failure to run so entirely silent.

I think that makes sense.  tridge, can i add this check?


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