[ccache] request document.

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Wed Jun 8 06:05:13 GMT 2005


 >               Try to find out if there is  good documentaion on ccache
 > internals.

I'm afraid that the 'HOW IT WORKS' section of the manual page is the
best documentation available. Apart from that you can read the source
code (which luckily is quite small). 

 > I could find multiple copies of same file in ccache directory, each
 > prepended with a different hash.  could not understand it.

It is quite possible for different C files to produce different cpp
output and still produce the same object file. This is especially
likely if you don't use the compilers -g to enable debugging
information, but it can happen in ether case.

The hash is based on the cpp output, so this is how you end up with
the same object file, but different hashes.

Cheers, Tridge

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