[ccache] Is Visual Studio .NET 2003 support planned?

Anuj Goyal anuj.goyal at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 05:28:15 GMT 2005

Ken, if you are a paying customer for Microsoft, try to get them to
create something like ccache and/or distcc.  Kang Su Gatlin is a
program manager of the Visual C++ compiler team at Microsoft.  Back in
2003, I asked Kang to put ccache and distcc features into Visual C++
and he said that he would think about it for the compiler (post 2005).
 If he gets more and more emails about this subject then he might put
these features into his product sooner than later.  And you will have
the added benefit of the features being supported by Microsoft.

PS: I have tried working on ccache for win32, but it is a complete
pain in the ass to get the preprocessor to work properly with the
compiler.  This is mostly because MS makes it difficult to send stuff
and to pick up stuff from stdout, stderr.

I have found jam and scons to be best for incremental builds -
however, if a very low level shared library changes, then (by
dependency rules) the build process will have to relink all the
libraries that depend on it.

gmail is being strict so rename ccache_win32.mp3  to  ccache_win32.tar.gz

I am going to send you my ccache work for win32 work just in case you
can use it.  My code was really really hacky (I only spent a couple
hours on it) so good luck :)  It would def be nice if MS would support

On 4/27/05, Ken Beal <kenbeal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is anyone working on getting Visual Studio .NET 2003 working with ccache?
> If so, do you need any help?
> If not, does anyone know the extent of the changes required?  We might
> be willing to pay (developer time, pizza, equipment, dollars, etc.) to
> help develop this feature.
> We're currently evaluating IncrediBuild but have found issues both in
> our own environment, and from others' evaluations, one of which is
> here: http://www.gamesfromwithin.com/articles/0502/000069.html -- and
> it has a $9,000 price tag for our company size, so if we can spend
> less than that and present new functionality to the world, then
> everyone wins.
> Sincerely,
> Ken Beal
> PS We also want distcc ported, and are willing to help with
> development costs, but I'll send a separate email to the distcc list.
> Apologies if you were on both lists.
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