[ccache] Is Visual Studio .NET 2003 support planned?

Ken Beal kenbeal at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 21:18:30 GMT 2005

Is anyone working on getting Visual Studio .NET 2003 working with ccache?

If so, do you need any help?

If not, does anyone know the extent of the changes required?  We might
be willing to pay (developer time, pizza, equipment, dollars, etc.) to
help develop this feature.

We're currently evaluating IncrediBuild but have found issues both in
our own environment, and from others' evaluations, one of which is
here: http://www.gamesfromwithin.com/articles/0502/000069.html -- and
it has a $9,000 price tag for our company size, so if we can spend
less than that and present new functionality to the world, then
everyone wins.

Ken Beal

PS We also want distcc ported, and are willing to help with
development costs, but I'll send a separate email to the distcc list. 
Apologies if you were on both lists.

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