[ccache] ccache scalabitily

Minto van der Sluis Minto at MultiMach.com
Tue Apr 12 17:59:55 GMT 2005


I wonder how scalable ccache it. In other words, are very large cache 
trees (multiple Gb) still efficient?

The reason I ask? I am working on T2 ( http://www.t2-project.org ). This 
is a linux distribution build environment. Every package in a 
distribution is build from source if possible. Currently for every 
distribution being build we have a separate cache. I wonder about the 
possibility to have a single cache for every distribution being build. 
Since distibutions can have different optimizations the cache needs to 
be very large to incorporate all. I want to prevent a file being 
compiled from compiling a second time (if the ccache conditions are right).

So the bottom line is, are cache trees with 100 - 200 Gb still efficient?

Kind regards,

Minto van der Sluis

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