[ccache] distcc -> ccache: no error messages

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue Mar 8 21:49:49 GMT 2005

Tim Niemueller wrote:
> Hi there.
> This mail is about distcc -> ccache interaction so I'm undecided which 
> list to post to - so I send to both.
> The constellation: All machines run under FC3, a couple of SMP machines, 
> some desktops (all Intel CPUs). They all have the same NFS share mounted 
> at /home. User path is set to use distcc as gcc replacement. distcc path 
> will give ccache for gcc. No changes needed to be made to the makefile. 
> So the constellation is "user 'make -j' -> distcc -> ccache -> gcc". We 
> use this order to have one central ccache (distcc user is running distcc 
> so all will use the same cache) for all users.

It would be better to just put the cache on an NFS shared directory.

> Any ideas?

Yes, please do this:



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