[ccache] Do you want to buy ostrich feathers ? SPECIAL 20% OFF PROMOTION

Alan B. Stables alani at wanadoo.es
Sun Dec 12 14:15:09 GMT 2004

Do you want to buy ostrich feathers ? 

Check out http://www.ostrichfeathers.com  

We have a variety of ostrich feathers in different sizes, which are
useful for all sorts of costume decorations, interior designs, wedding
placements. Indeed there is nothing like an ostrich feather for a
touch of glamour. 

There are drabs that are 9" (22 cm) to 13" (33cm)in flame red, modern
blue, hot pink, kerry green, purple and bleached white. We sell 25
drabs in one lot of drabs, at a normal retail price of US$12 per lot.
We can offer you these at a special Alani internet price of US$10.

We also have larger female wing feathers called feminas. These are
around 23" (60 cm) in length. We sell 10 feminas in one lot of feminas
at a retail price of US$35, but we can offer you these at a special
Alani internet price of US$27 per lot.

We are also doing a speial promotion now until Wednesday 15th December
2004, where we will give 20% off the value of the feathers for orders
of 3 or more lots. To get this promotion enter "SPECIAL 20% OFF
PROMOTION" in the Customers Comments box when ordering. All orders are
done manually so we will recompute the charges before processing.

Order now to take advantage of the 20% discount whilst stocks last -
click on http://www.ostrichfeathers.com

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