[ccache] Enhance your look woith ostrich feathers

Alan B. Stables alani at wanadoo.es
Sun Dec 5 21:35:14 GMT 2004

If you are a dancer, you really want to look the best. To do this
there is nothing more beautiful than ostrich feathers with their
natural softness and bounce, to achieve this.  

We are sure to have the size of feather you want as we stock large
female wing feathers of about 24" (60cm) in length, as well as small
ones of around 9 to 13" (22 to 33 cm). 

We also supply in a range of colors - bleached white, purple, hot
pink, flame red or modern blue. These are bright colors to make you
look even more outstanding.

Go with the flow and order your ostrichfeathers now at
http://www.ostrichfeathers.com whilst stocks last.

And as an introductory offer we will offer you 10% off the value of
the feathers on your first order if you order by 8th December 2004 and
if you state FIRST ORDER in the Customers Comments Box in the order

Best Regards
Alan B. Stables
calle Herreros 2 - nave P
Pol. Ind. Miralrio
28891 Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid)
Tel: +34-91-660 86 99
Fax: +34-91-660 80 95
Web: http://www.ostrichfeathers.com 
Email: alani at wanadoo.es

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