[ccache] Other compilers (MSVC, SNSystem ProDG, Metrowerks CW)

Anuj Goyal anuj.goyal at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 04:14:53 GMT 2004

I tried doing the port to win32, but did not get very far, windows
does not have a nice fork() call like POSIX, one has to call
CreateProcess and much with the Handle, it's not very pleasant.

One also has to figure out howto do a mmap() call, I know one can use
CreateMemoryMapping() or something to that effect, but I don't know
the specifics, I was also trying to learn howto use the digitalmars
compiler at the time (because it has syntax more similar to that of
gcc), but I gave up in frustration.  There was a LOT of code that
needed to be "ported" and that is not fun work, and it leads to ifdef

I wish the companies that "support" open source (sun, ibm, hpux) would
actually take note of ccache, it is an amazing tool and they only
really have to modifiy ccache.c to get it working for their compiler.

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