[ccache] Via file patch

Michael McTernan Michael.McTernan at ttpcom.com
Sun Jun 6 13:43:24 GMT 2004

Hi there,

I've been trying to use ccache with the ARM compilers (SDT and RVCT).  These
compilers have a feature to support 'via' files; files which contain a list
of command line options, one per line.

Since ccache doesn't understand via files it doesn't properly process all
the command line options, and fails as a result.  I've made a patch to allow
support for via files, which is attached.

To apply the patch, extract a clean version of the ccache-2.3 tarball, cd
into the newly extracted directory and run the command:

patch -i vias.patch -u -p1

[Assuming that you place the the patch file into the same directory]

Then configure && make as normal.  To enable via file processing, set the
environment variable CCACHE_VIA to the exact text of the option that
indicates a via file.  eg. for the TCC and ARMCC, I would export



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