[ccache] ccache, OS X and the CCACHE_LOGFILE setting

Jon Baumgartner jon at bergenstreetsoftware.com
Tue May 11 15:50:21 GMT 2004

I just joined this list, and couldn't find this question anywhere in the 
archives. Sorry if this has been covered before.

I've just installed ccache via fink on my OS X box. It's working really 
well, and has sped up my compiles noticeably.

For some reason the log file is not being written to. I set the 
CCACHE_LOGFILE env. variable, and although ccache -s shows me items are 
being placed in the cache, the log file remains empty.

The really weird part is it used to work. I think (I'm not positive) 
that it stopped working once I installed XCode 1.2.

Also, sort of related: when I ssh in to my box from work and try to 
compile, it seems ccache doesn't get used. It's only when I compile 
directly from that machine that I will see any effect. The env. 
variables are all the same. I set them in my .tcshrc. I'm not really 
sure why it would be different.


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