[ccache] ccache doesn't compile binutils

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Apr 14 04:10:35 GMT 2004

On 13 Apr 2004, "Edward S. Peschko" <esp5 at pge.com> wrote:

> no, I'm definitely using gcc and the associated binutils. Compiling the first time
> works, compiling the second breaks with the above error.
> I'm just curious if this bug is reproducible on other linuxes... I'd really like
> to use ccache, but it has to work correctly, cross-platform (on very
> very large projects)

I thought you said you were using Solaris?

> (
> ps - has anyone made a large integration test with ccache, ie: integrated it into
> the gentoo builds, etc? If you could compile an entire gentoo build using ccache, I'd
> be more comfortable with it.
> )

Yes, this has been done.  You can build all of Gentoo using ccache,
except for the parts with broken makefiles, where it is specifically


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