[ccache] cleanup question

Joerg.Richter at pdv-FS.de Joerg.Richter at pdv-FS.de
Fri Feb 20 13:41:30 GMT 2004


At first thanks for this excellent tool. We installed it together with
distcc and the advantage is really big.

But I got a question regarding the cleanup. 
I thought that recently hit cache entries should not be deleted, even if
they are very old. How is this implemented in ccache? Is it? I can see that
the old files get deleted first. But there is no utime(hashname, NULL) call
when a cache hit occured.
There is only a utime(stderr_file, NULL) call to update the timestamp on the
stderr file. Hmm. But I can't imagine why the stderr file should have a
different timestamp than the hashfile. 

Am I missing something? Is it ok to add an utime(hashname, NULL) after the
utime on the stderr_file?


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