[ccache] Linker problem

Perochon Sebastien Sebastien.Perochon at ixfin-mmarellise.com
Fri Jan 16 10:02:53 GMT 2004

    Hi all,
I'm using ccache on Cygwin. I have test it with success by compiling ccache
itself. So no problem here.
For my project, I'm using a compiler outside Cygwin. I have patch a little
bit ccache to use DOS style pathname to set the ccache directory (from
/xxx/.ccache to c:\.ccache).
The compilation is working fine to create the .o
But once the linker is called, I've got the following error (nm is giving me
the same error).
C:\cgw\bin\ccache c:/xxx/ldsh -L c:\xxx/lib -x -r -o bin\mylib.a -r
bin/file1.o bin/file2.o
/xxx/ldsh.exe: bin/file1.o: invalid string offset 256 >= 0 for section `'
/xxx/ldsh.exe: bin/file1.o: invalid string offset 1280 >= 0 for section `'
/xxx/ldsh.exe: bin/file1.o: invalid string offset 14 >= 0 for section `'
(c:\xxx\ldsh.exe 1000) Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
(c:\xxx\ldsh.exe 1000) Dumping stack trace to ldsh.exe.core
make[1]: *** [bin\mylib.a] Error 0x18000
I set:
CC = C:\cgw\bin\ccache c:/xxx/ccsh
LD = c:/xxx/ldsh
Can anybody help me ???

   Sébastien Pérochon

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