[ccache] PRB: ccache directory not available

Heiko_Elger at arburg.com Heiko_Elger at arburg.com
Tue Dec 2 16:01:30 GMT 2003

ccache: version 2.2
OS: Windows XP Professional
cygwin: latest version


first of all: we like ccache - its a great utlility - thanks a lot!

We're using ccache to share compiler output between several people.
All works fine - but if the ccache file server is not available - it would be
nice if ccache compile local instead of generating an error message like the
"ccache: failed to create //ad26080/ccache (No such host or network path)"

Perhaps a new flag or environement variable or per default fall back to compile
on local host without try fetching/saving files to ccache directory.

I searched the man pages for such an option - but without success!

Perhaps you can add a feature like this in the next release.

best regards

   Heiko Elger


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