[ccache] GNU ar 2.9-gnupro-99r1p1 crashed when using with ccache.

Chum, Andrew H. chum at powertv.com
Fri Nov 7 20:38:22 GMT 2003



I am trying to use ccache 2.3 and I used 1.9 before. Nothing works for
me now. The ar crashed on me with both 1.9 and 2.3 version of ccache.


GNU bash, version 2.05a.0(3)-release (i686-pc-cygwin)

Copyright 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.


ccache version 2.3

Copyright Andrew Tridgell 2002

Released under the GNU GPL v2 or later


sparc-elf-ar.exe -V

GNU ar 2.9-gnupro-99r1p1

Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms

the GNU General Public License.  This program has absolutely no


Did anyone experience that? If my ar is too old, which version of ar
should I use?






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