[ccache] PRB: using ccache and distcc: "multiple input files"

Heiko_Elger at arburg.com Heiko_Elger at arburg.com
Wed Oct 22 15:51:45 EST 2003

ccache: version 2.2
distcc: version 2.11
OS: Windows XP Professional
cygwin: latest version


I' using the calling distcc with the full compiler name cause of using different
cross compiler versions
for example compiling distcc distribution (using native gcc it's just the same

    make -j10 CC="distcc c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc"

--> All works fine

If I use distcc and ccache
    make -j10 CC="ccache distcc c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc"

--> I never will get any ccache results. See following log file snippet of

here is a snippet of the ccache log file:
--------------------- snip snip ------------------------------
multiple input files (c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc and src/backoff.c)
multiple input files (c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc and src/climasq.c)
multiple input files (c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc and src/clinet.c)
multiple input files (c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc and src/clirpc.c)
multiple input files (c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc and src/compile.c)
--------------------- snip snip ------------------------------

I'm not sure what's wrong, but cause calling distcc without the full path name,
all works fine, I assume that this is perhaps a problem of distcc.

Using gcc is just an example - I want to use discc for cross compiling with the
gnu cross compiler "ccpentium" from Wind River System.
And cause we have serveral different compiler versions we have to use the full
name of the compiler.

I'm not sure why - but setting environment variable or make variable
all works fine.

   make -j10 CC="ccache distcc c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc"
   --> Error

   make -j10 CC="ccache distcc c:/programme/cygwin/bin/gcc" CCACHE_PREFIX=distcc
   --> OK

But why?
What's the difference?

Perhaps anyone can give me a hint ....

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
best regards

   Heiko Elger


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