[ccache] sharing a cache

Anders Furuhed anders.furuhed at pantor.com
Thu Apr 3 22:42:29 EST 2003

Enno Rehling wrote:

> Anders Furuhed wrote:
>> Hi Enno,
>> you get these misses only if different hosts are used?
>> In that case, have you verified that the same compiler (its size and 
>> modification time) is used on the separate machines?
> I'm using twoidentical compilers (gcc 2.95.4), both are debian 
> machines, freshly updated. And like I said, the output at least is 
> 100% identical, too. ccache seems to think the input is different, and 
> I'm no closer to figuring out why than I was yesterday.
Just to make sure what you mean by identical output: the resulting .o or 
the preprocessed output of gcc -E? If the preprocessed output is not 
identical for the two runs, there will be a cache miss even if the 
resulting .o files are identical.
It may be helpful to turn on CCACHE_LOGFILE and try to see what ccache 
says that way.
Also, does "ccache -s" show the same stats on the different hosts?

Regards, Anders

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